Alien antics...


The birthday badger!


Bunny modelling!


Musical doodling.


Humble pigeon, sadly tainted by the shadow of a grasp.



Happy Birthday!

20 08 14

Been busy creating the artwork for our flyers!

09 05 14

A favour for a favour…the whole gang mucking in together!

24 04 14

Happy birthday to the wonderful Alex!

21 04 14

Grab the bull by its horns…or, if you're partial to a badger...

01 02 14

There is method to this madness…honest!


All I wanted to do was water the plants...!

Click here to watch a video of Gnome & Genie in action.


Huff indeed!


Watch where you put your feet!


It's been a while but here's a cheeky creature fiddling with the radiator...




A couple of new doodles! Unfortunately the white fuzz around the writing in this top one got lost in the photo (let's not tell Steve).


Here it is, the book of magical imaginings! Where all ideas are hidden...


Tiny creatures are completely ridiculous (and hilarious), so I decided to continue the pig concept but include a miniature rhino in my next illustration! Why ever not?


New update!

I'm currently working on a project called Musical Maths with film maker and animator Sarah Vaci, which "combines real musical instruments and original counting songs with wonderful woodland characters to help toddlers and children learn all about maths and numbers in a fun and stimulating way."

We are currently designing our woodland characters- pictures will be put up once the illustrations are deemed magical enough!


This is Colin, he's only just moved to Earth so is finding gravity a bit confusing. One eye still thinks it's in space while the other can't budge from the floor; luckily, Colin has a swimming membership and here his eyes can relax and look in the same direction.

This isn't my original design but I thought it'd be wise to look at other artists' work and copy a sketch or two to practise drawing from an image. Although, when the paints came out it began to look less and less like the original...may have gotten a little carried away!


Flaudo, the fearful cloud, is wary of...almost everything! In a panic he leaks onto the ground below, soaking those stood in his shadow. "Whoops", he huffs, "not again!"

Here we have a third character, gentle Snivella, who delicately weeps in corners and hidden places. This tiny fragile face is filled with a quiet sadness which devours her; it is likely that Snivella will always be this way and she barely notices the Fluffles and Mossters that pass her by. Please be careful not to squash her when you walk around in the dark and look out for her glimmer in the moonlight.

07/11/12 NEW PROJECT Illustrations

After getting the urge to paint, I created two new children's fantasy characters- the whole time not knowing what kind of project they could be for or what kind of story they could be attached to but just painting whatever my hands fancied.

Please meet Fluffle, a very innocent, but also extremely dim, ball of colourful dust who follows people around because she thinks it's funny. A lot of her time is spent giggling and trying to hide behind people as if playing some kind of childish game.

Mosster would also like to be introduced. This creature hides in forests, sending out a darkness that sinks inside you. More commonly referred to as moss, Mosster and his clan silently ooze between damp spaces.

Here is a mind map connecting the different ideas developed so far.

10/01/12 Story idea Pigs

Behind every wall and under every table is a little pig, roughly 3 centimetres high.

In fact, there are thousands of little pigs in every room, each hiding and out of sight. If you look upwards, a little pig will climb onto your shoe. In the past few seconds while you have been reading this text, a small pig has been sat on your shoulder. If you look ahead, many little piggy faces will peer around the sides of table legs and crawl out from underneath desks and books behind you.

Nobody knows this because nobody has ever tried to look for them.

How do these pigs, who don’t have wings, come down from high places without injuring themselves, I hear you ask? Well, these pigs are very rubbery and bounce painlessly up from the floor if they have fallen, admittedly whilst making a very silly high-pitched ‘oink’ing sound, and trot swiftly into the shadows. Therefore, if you place a book back on its shelf and walk away, the moment you turn your back on that spot, about twenty tiny giggling pigs step into the light, some jumping headfirst towards the ground, bouncing on impact and scuttling off. Despite this secret nation consisting of 4 billion pigs, in the UK alone, there are actually only 8, each multiplied thousands of times. This means that when the pigs are socialising, they might actually be talking to themselves, naturally resulting in the formation of very strong friendships, although their conversations often draw no conclusions.

Apologies in advance if this Borrower-like theory consumes your mind, please just tell them to go away if you start imagining them everywhere.

All pieces and images are © Jessica Harvey